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What is Befective

Befective is a business app designed to create awareness of the of the time invested on work related activities. The main goal is to provide enough behavioral data for companies and teammates to achieve better results working from anywhere; this includes not only efficiency, but also life quality and work balance. The installation and implementation of this software solution is fast and easy, no special infrastructure is required. Befective gathers information about teammates activities and mood without distracting them from their daily tasks in order to generate statistical reports that show an analyze data as general or as specific as the administrators require for decision making.

How does Befective work?

Befective is a web based software, that means all your data lives in the cloud and is always accessible for you without any infrastructure required. It has three main parts and works as it follows:
· An agent, that must be installed in a computer to gather activity information automatically and send it encrypted to the server.
· The server, which stores, decodes and processes all the information provided by the agent.
· The web app, that presents in an understandable and logical way all the data to help businesses make strategic decisions.

How can Befective help my company?

Creating awareness about the time invested on work related activities presenting relevant data on how, where and when the teammates of your company use their time, along with their mood in order to understand your enterprise’s work dynamics. Having this information also provides some of the tools required to implement remote working strategies.

Does Befective measure activity, productivity and mood?

Befective measures 3 concepts: 1. The amount of time invested at work. 2. the percentage of such time that is actually related to work. 3. The state of mind of the teammates, to understand if they are happy, just ok, or sad.

How can I make sure that my team is working efficiently?

Befective allows you to customize the work related activities and goals by team. If your teammates reach such goal, they are doing great, if not or if they take too much time to complete it, you could provide some training to them and explode their full potential.

Can I balance fair workloads for my teams and teammates?

Yes, after the first weeks you will be able to notice the time and work management patterns of your organization, that way you will be able to understand who has an overload of tasks and who might be able to help others.

Can I use Befective to allow my teams to work remotely and productively?

Yes, one of the main purposes of the software is to allow companies to employ this work format in order to save time and money while providing a better life quality for their teammates.

Is there a partnership program for Befective?

Yes, it is totally free and you can become a partner to sale Befective and obtain commission. Contact us to ask for more information.

· Você pode cancelar a sua associação Befective a qualquer momento, e você continuará a ter acesso ao serviço Befective até o final do período de cobrança.

Yes, you can cancel whenever you want.

Getting Started
Does the trial include all the features?

Yes, the free trial includes all the features along with 10 licenses for you try Befective out. If more licenses are needed, you can always contact us to provide more during your free trial.

What exactly do I need to get started?

After making sure you cover the technical requirements, you will simply need to:· Create a free account· Follow the on boarding to customize Befective for your company· Create your teams mirroring your organization· Install Befective on your computers· Start analyzing your company’s data

How much time will it take to set-up Befective?

Very little time. Befective is designed to help you replicate your organizational structure fast and easy as well as customizing your teams. Once you have done that, you will only need to install Befective’s agent in the computers of your teammates and restart them.

Is Befective automatic?

Yes, Befective will not interrupt any of your teammates to understand their computer activities, it will only ask them about their activities away from the computer (customizable feature) to provide enough information to let you know if a particular team or teammate is taking too much time on meetings, etc.

Can Befective tell me about activities away from the computer?

Yes, this customizable feature will let you know what are the most common activities away from the computer on your company, so businesses can manage those activities better and more efficiently.

How do I know If my teammates are happy?

Befective has a customizable feature to ask your teammates about their mood everyday. Teammates will be able to update their mood at any moment accessing it though Befective’s icon in the toolbar and selecting “My Mood”. This will let companies understand when someone is having a bad day and help the respective person right away; Maybe it’s just a hard week, a personal issue, or even a bad night sleep; anyway, when you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.

Can I replicate the hierarchical structure of my company inside Befective?

Yes, you can mimic the exact hierarchical structure of your business, with all departments, areas and groups. No matter if they are all in one building or spread around the world.

How many teams can I have?

You can have an infinite amount of teams and sub-teams.

Can I define the activities related to work for each team?

Yes, you can create specific goals, rules and activities related to work for each and every single team in your organization.

What does Time Goal and Work Goal mean?

The Time Goal refers to the amount of time that a team or a teammate is required by contract to be present in the work environment, regardless if it’s at the office or home-office. And can be customized for every team.The Work Goal is defined as a percentage of the Time Goal and is applied to everyone in the company to be fair when analyzing and comparing data. No matter if a team has a Time Goal of 4 hours from Monday to Saturday and other team has a Time Goal of 8 hours from Monday to Friday. If the Work Goal is customized to be 80%, then all teams and teammates will need to complete 80% of their Time Goal to achieve 100% of their Work Goal.To understand this better, let’s imagine that a teammate is in a team that has a Time Goal of 10 hours each day. And the Work Goal (always the same for every team in the company) is 70%.That means that in order to achieve 100% of the Time Goal such teammate would need to be active for 10 Hours in that day (it doesn’t matter if the teammate is performing work related activities or not).In order to complete 100% of the Work Goal, the teammate would need to do 70% of the 10 hours (100% of the Time Goal) of work related activities, that means 7 hours focused on work during the day.Even when the Work Goal changes according to the Time Goal expected for each team and teammate, the Work Goal could be achieved even if the Time Goal wasn’t and vice versa.

Can I export the statistical reports data?

Yes, you can export the statistical reports data in CSV and PDF formats, and send them via email to anyone you need, even if they do not have a Befective account. For “Today’s” statistics it’s not possible, because that data is being updated constantly and it’s a better business strategy to check it out directly in the platform)

Can I automate statistical reports emails?

Yes, you can create automated emails of the statistical reports that will be sent periodically whenever you wish, daily, weekly or monthly; you can even customize the filters that you wish to include in the statistics.

Technical, Security and Privacy Considerations
What kind of infrastructure do I need?

· Internet connection · Have a unique and identifiable computer Login username for each teammate · Free Proxy and/or Firewall ports 443 and 80 for · Free Antivirus software restrictions (if any) for ''

What Operating Systems are supported?

· Windows 7 or later · macOS Mountain Lion or later

What Browsers are supported?

Windows:· Internet Explorer· Chrome (might need plugin)· FirefoxMac:· Safari· Chrome· Firefox

Do I need to install a Plugin?

Maybe, if the computer has a Windows OS, navigates with Chrome and you notice that some activities are not being shown correctly in the statistics, might be due to another application installed in the computer, like bank plugins. In this case, just download Befective’s plugin and the behavior will be corrected.

How much memory does it consume?

· Windows Agent: Less than 20 MB · Mac Agent: Less than 40 MB

Does Befective work even without Internet connection?

Yes, Befective agent keeps on working even without Internet. All data is stored in local cache and when Internet connectivity is recovered all data is uploaded to the servers.

What if teammates of my company share computers?

There’s no problem at all, as long as all teammates have a unique and identifiable computer login Username. That way, even when they use the same computer, the platform will know which teammate is working on what.

What if I have more than one monitor?

Even when working with two or more monitors, Befective will detect which activity your actively using, you don’t need to configure anything for that.

Can I have teammates in different time zones?

Yes, you can have teammates all around the world, and Befective will identify the time zone they are in and show that accordingly in the statistics.

Is my Data stored in a secure environment?

Yes, all communication between Befective’s agent and the server is secured by SSL encryption. We employ AWS as datacenter facilities with 24/7 monitoring and hosting support.

Does Befective record keystrokes?

No, Befective doesn’t record anything that could be considered intrusive, represent an invasion of privacy or be potential sensitive information.

Does Befective take screenshots?

No, Befective doesn’t record anything that could be considered intrusive, represent an invasion of privacy or be potential sensitive information.

Is this software intrusive?

No, Befective understands that teammates’ privacy is very valuable. The software will never compromise any sensitive information of any user; in fact it is designed to allow companies to limit the platform activity just for office time and allow the teammates to use the computer for personal activities during breaks or after work.

How does Befective respect employees privacy?

Befective never collects the content of any activity (email, documents, chats, etc). The platform focuses on registering the time invested on websites, applications and activities away from the computer. Besides, it is possible to define specific hours for each team to be included in the statistics, the rest of the time, no information will be gathered at all.

Are my teammates aware that Befective is installed in their computers?

Yes, Befective is designed to help companies improve their efficiency starting with the teammates, so they will be able to analyze their own activities in order to achieve this. When this customizable feature is enabled, teammates can access their data by clicking Befective’s icon on the tool bar and selecting “My Statistics”.

Teammates use their computers at home too, how can I limit data gathering just for work?

You can customize specific schedules for each team to define when to gather information about your teammates activity. That provides the freedom to use the computer during breaks or after work, completely aware that no data will be recorded nor taken into account for the statistics.

Will I get resistance in my organization when implementing this software?

Maybe. Befective is a tool that aims for a behavioral change to identify and reduce activities that are a waste of time and to provide a better balanced workload for everyone; that could create some friction with teammates that like to relax a little bit too much. Usually the most productive and hardworking teammates will embrace the software right away because they can understand its benefits, as well as people who would like to work from home or have more flexible hours.

What could I do to reduce resistance?

We strongly recommend to inform everyone in your organization about the implementation of this platform and the benefits that will create for all. To enable the “Mood” feature and pay attention to the feelings of your teammates and to create work dynamics to reward those teams and teammates that are working better, not the other way around and punish those who are not; instead try to provide coaching and training for them.

Befective has been installed in the company I work, but I have some safety & privacy concerns.

Nothing to worry about, these are very common concerns, but always fade out once teammates get to know Befective’s modus operandi. Befective allows companies to understand how and when time is being invested by their teams and teammates along with the state of mind of the whole company. So once Befective is installed in the computers of an organization; owners and mangers will have the information of what is being employed in terms of applications, websites and activities away from the computer as well as the mood of every person working there in order to keep track of the operations and to improve the efficiency, work loads and life quality of everyone. If your company enables the features, you will also be able to understand the way you invest time on your activities and report your mood through Befective icon displayed on the tool bar. Nevertheless, your personal and sensitive information will never be gathered at any time, nor keystrokes, screenshots or videos. Befective believes that such spying actions are not necessary to improve the performance of any team, in fact it could damage it; the platform simply allows enterprises to have data of activities that are done during working time, but allows teammates, when the company enables such feature to have absolute freedom to do whatever they want during breaks and after work without being taken into account for the reports. Your data is safe, it’s securely stored in Amazon servers and encrypted in a datacenter facility with 24/7 monitoring and hosting support. Several companies use Befective to allow their teammates to work remotely and have flexible hours; Some others create a reward system for those teams and teammates that perform better and give away prizes like free days or economic bonus; They also pay attention to teammates when they are sad and provide coaching, training or even some time-off to allow them to fix whatever it is that’s making them unhappy. Other use of the platform is to understand the workload of all teams and teammates to rearrange the amount of tasks and be fair with everyone. You could even purpose more good ideas to be embraced by your company to take advantage of the software. We are sure that once you start using Befective, you will like it and find the value there for your own work and life improvement.

How much does it cost?

Befective is a Software as a Service, that means that payments are made periodically (monthly or annually) and the price depends on the amount if licenses that a company acquires. For more information, please check out our pricing section.

What are the available payment methods?

It is possible to pay with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. If you require an especial payment method, please contact us to analyze your case.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel your Befective’s account and subscription, please contact us to shut it down.