Frequently asked questions

1. Data privacy

How does data gathering work?

The application records the activity that is active. When there are several applications and pages open, Befective captures the information (application name and usage time) of what is being used.

Is Befective legal?

If the equipment on which Beeffective is installed is owned by the company, it is completely legal as it does not record any sensitive information. We highly recommend defining activities in your company’s compliance policies that are not permitted for employees.

What is considered personal data under the law?

Personal data is “all information related to an identified or identifiable natural person”, that is, it is the basic information of a given individual: name, surname, residential address, Real ID, SSN, birthday, email, telephone, nationality, consumption habits, interests – including information on social networks, such as pages you liked or followed.

What is sensitive data?

Sensitive data is “personal data on racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership of a trade union or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data relating to health or sex life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a natural person.”

What if I use my computer for personal things outside the office or on vacation?

In the Befective settings it is possible to indicate a working time so that activities are only recorded during this period. For example, a working day from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 18:00. Outside this period, nothing will be counted and will not affect the platform reports.

Is this app a spy (spyware)?

No! Befective does not log or store sensitive information such as keystroke capture, screenshots, authentication credentials, personal email address, web form data, internet usage information and other personal information such as phone numbers. card icon. Befective only indicates which application is in use and its usage time.

Is my information secured?

Very safe! Data encryption and authentication are highly secure and in the cloud they are even more secure.

Where is all the information stored?

Befective is a software as a service with cloud servers, found on Amazon United States.

2. Software

Does Befective consume too much RAM memory or bandwidth? Can it slow down the computer?

Absolutely not! Beeffective uses much less than a browser window, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. It will not interfere with your machine’s performance at all. The only requirements are Windows 7 or higher and MAC OS X 10.10 or higher.

Does Befective work on computers running Windows XP?

The agent also works with XP, but as it is an operating system that has been discontinued (since 2014) and is not supported by Microsoft, we recommend doing an update before installing it to avoid possible problems with its installation and activity.

Is there a mobile version for smartphones and tablets?

Not yet. Our development team is working to release an Android version. For iPhone and iPad, due to Apple’s policies for apps on mobile devices, it’s not possible to get usage time data, so it doesn’t work on these devices.

Can I have this service on my company’s servers?

Unfortunately not. Befective is a service hosted only on Amazon servers in the United States.

3. Platform

How do I know what is work related and not work related for each person/department?

When configuring Befective, you can indicate which activities are considered work related, work unrelated or neutral for each case. For example, you can indicate Facebook as “work unrelated” to the support department, so if one of the support employees accesses Facebook, Befective will register the access and classify it as work unrelated. That way, you can have custom metrics for each sector of the company.

Do I need to be online at all times for my activity to be registered?

No! If the application cannot connect to a network, it will cache all the information and once the connection is re-established, it will send all the information to the server. Even when you’re offline for an entire week, Befective generates around 1 megabyte of data on average.

How can I rate my salespeople when they are not working on the computer?

If your sales team has a CRM, or other software that needs to be updated periodically to register leads and new customers, you can check Befective for records of the use of these software. For offline activities, Befective also has a feature for employees to indicate their activity outside the computer when they return to using the computer.

How many user levels does the platform have?

Beeffective has 3 levels of management: The Administrator has access to the platform data and can configure everything; The Manager has all permissions, but only to manage the groups they have access to; e The Analyst only has read permissions for the groups to which he has access. The contributor (user where the agent is installed) provides the usage information captured by Befective. The contributor can have access to a page with a record of their own activity.

4. Miscellaneous

Can I run a pilot test at my company?

Yes! It’s just book a demosntration with our consultants and we provide 100% of the functionalities so that you have an initial view of your company’s work performance.

What do I need to do to implement Beeffective in my company?

4 simple things are needed:
– Each user with a unique and identifiable login;
– Release the firewall address “” on ports 443 e 80;
– Release antivirus to the address “”;
– Windows 7 or higher / MAC OS X 10.10 or higher.

Are there other companies with solutions similar to Befective?

There are other companies that develop software to check the activities of their employees, but they are more focused on security and their solutions end up being more invasive; screenshot and video capture of confidential company and team information.

Can I sell this solution as part of my portfolio?

Yes, of course! Befective has a business alliance program very attractive to expand our business together. It has 3 different levels depending on the degree of involvement you want to have: Referrer, Vendor and Master Vendor.

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