Frequent questions

1. How does data collection work?

The application collects the information of the activities that are active. Even when you have 10 applications and pages open, only the one that is being used will count.

2. How do I know what is or is not productive for each person / department?

When configuring the tool, only the type of activities that are considered productive, unproductive or neutral for each case should be selected. In this way, you can easily have metrics tailored for each sector of the company, regardless of the role they play.

3. Do I have to be online all the time for my activity to be recorded?

No, if the application cannot connect to a network, it will store all the information in Caché memory and as soon as it has a connection it will send it. Even when you are offline for an entire week, it will generate around 1 Megabyte of information only.

4. What if I use my computer for personal things outside of the office or on vacation?

It is possible to configure a work schedule so that only activity is recorded during that time. Everything else will not be accounted for or affect in any way the reports of the platform.

5. How can I measure my sales team, when their duty is not to be in front of the computer, but with customers?

Every good sales team has a CRM that must be entered periodically in order to register leads and new clients. So you can verify that the equipment is being used for that; In addition, the Android version is being developed, which will have a GPS integration so that it can be verified if the sellers are actually on their appointments.

6. Is Befective is legal?

If the equipment where Befective is installed is the property of the company, it is completely legal, since it does not record any sensitive information. We highly recommend defining in the company's compliance policies activities that are not allowed for employees.

7. Is this application a spyware?

No, since it does not record or store any type of sensitive information, neither of the user nor of the company. In addition, it can be configured to only record activity during work hours, giving you freedom to use the equipment for personal activities during free time.

8. Will it consume a lot of memory resources or bandwidth of my company?

Absolutely not! It consumes less than a window of Internet browsers like Google Chrome Internet Explorer, etc. in terms of RAM and bandwidth.

9. Will it encourage my computer?

Not at all! It consumes less than a window of Internet browsers like Google Chrome Internet Explorer, etc. in terms of RAM and bandwidth.

10. What do I need to do / have to implement it in my company?

4 simple things are needed:
- That each person has a unique and identifiable login.
- That the firewall for the address "" on ports 443 and 80 be released
- That antivirus for the address “” be released
- Have a Windows operating system superior to XP or OSX

11. What if I have Windows XP computers?

The agent also works with XP, but because it is a system that is already discontinued and not supported by Windows, we recommend doing an upgrade before installing it to avoid possible problems with its installation and activity.

12. Is there a version for cell phones and tablets?

Not at the moment, the development team is working to release the Android versions. As for iphone and ipad, even though the application was in beta, due to Apple's policies, it is not possible to obtain application usage time data, so it does not work on these devices.

13. Can they carry out a pilot test in my company?

Unfortunately, due to company policies, we are not allowed to give pilot tests but what I can do for you is to speak with my project managers and negotiate that they can sign a contract for the service of only one month, so as not to commit annually.

14. How many user levels does the platform have?

It has 3 as Administrators: The Administrator has access to the platform data and can configure everything; The Manager has all the permissions but only for groups that have access; and The Analyst only has read permissions for the groups that he has access to. In addition to the user level, in which the application is installed on your computer and collects its usage information.

15. How secure is my information?

Very safe! The encryption, encryption and authentication of the data is very high security and having it in the cloud, it is even more secure.

16. Where is all the information stored?

It is a Software as a Service with servers in the cloud, found in Amazon United States.

17. Can I have this service on my company's servers?

Unfortunately not, it is a service hosted only on Amazon servers in the United States.

18. What happens when I reach my efficiency goal? Why would I need them then?

The purpose of Befective is not only to help improve efficiency, but also to maintain it, in addition to providing strategic information for other aspects of the business, not only achieving a productivity goal during a given month. A simple analogy can be like playing a sport, not because in high school someone was good at soccer, they will remain so throughout their lives if they stop practicing.

19. Are there other companies that do this too?

There are other companies that develop software to know the activities of their employees, but they are more focused on security and their solutions turn out to be more intrusive; taking screen and video impressions of sensitive company and staff information. Not in order to help make strategic decisions and improve people's efficiency.

20. Can I sell this solution as part of my portfolio?

Of course! Befective has a very attractive partner program to grow our businesses together. It has 3 different levels, depending on the degree of involvement you want to have: Reference, Reseller and Distributor.