Spotify working system

As companies grow, they must change the traditional way of measuring progress. One reason for the need for change is tedious annual accountability, which turns out to be a boring and demotivating act of frustration that discourages many talented workers from changing companies.

Home office

Discover the power of work Home Office

Innovating is the right word for all those companies that want to manage teams remotely without losing internal communication and work productivity.


6 companies with fantastic cultures

Having a good business culture is no longer just another option.


5 tips to improve productivity in your recruitment processes

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5 factors that affect productivity at work

We list some factors that affect productivity at work, and that seriously affect the results of companies. Avoid them!


4 steps to create products and services that form habits

Hooked is a book that talks about how creating habits allows us to capture and perpetuate clients in a service, mainly mobile applications.