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Innovating is the right word for all those companies that want to manage teams remotely without losing internal communication and work productivity. How to do it? We teach you.


4 Steps to create products and services that form habits.

Hooked is a book that talks about how creating habits allows us to capture and perpetuate clients in a service, mainly mobile applications. The book uses a very defined methodology, which has 4 main associated concepts. Trigger Eyal defines the “trigger” as the element of the service that produces the attention of the client.


5 Tips to improve productivity in your recruitment processes

Have you come across a selection process that has been taking much longer than expected? How many times have you said to yourself: next time I will plan everything to be as efficient as possible? In the day to day we have so many inputs, interruptions and decisions that depend on other people, that, sometimes, it seems impossible to have all the selection processes under control.


Spotify working system

As companies grow, they must change the traditional way of measuring progress. One reason for the need for change is tedious annual accountability, which turns out to be a boring and demotivating act of frustration that discourages many talented workers from changing companies.


6 Companies with fantastic cultures

Having a good business culture is no longer just another option. Modern employers should consider this section as important as the wages and benefits they offer their employees. Although what works for one company may not work for another, you can learn a lot from firms that are doing things right.


5 Factors that affect productivity at work

On this occasion, we list some factors that affect productivity at work, and that seriously affect the results of companies. Avoid them! 1. Long working hours Many companies concentrate their working hours between 10 and 12 hours a day in order to obtain better results. However, the fact that staff work harder does not mean that they are more productive.