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4 steps to create products and services that form habits



Eyal defines the “trigger” as the element of the service that produces that capture of customer attention. The trigger can be a message or several other things, but it is intended to achieve that user “click” to see more about the product. Triggers are external (the client is looking for something similar to the service) or internal (the client has an intrinsic interest that is supposedly satisfied by the service, as Facebook satisfies the need for social interaction)


External triggers: An announcement, email to enter the application, etc.

Internal triggers: Facebook or instagram that gives you the feeling of feeling disconnected when you are not on the platform.


It is “the behavior done in anticipation of the reward”, and in most cases, it corresponds to the “click”. The action is that behavior of the user towards the service that looks for the reward that he hopes satisfies the trigger.

Variable Reward

According to Eyal, “what distinguishes the Hook model is its ability to create a” craving “”. The variable reward corresponds to the aspect of the service that not only provides the user with the satisfaction of their trigger, but also provides similar aggregated content that the person was not expecting, but that they like. One of the examples that Eyal gives is that of “Pinterest” that when you click on an image, the page shows various similar images that produce that need to continue seeing.


Investment is the phase of the methodology that ensures that the user repeats the Hooked model. It requires a minimum investment by the client that ensures the eventual return to service. This investment can be data, make an account, time, etc. The key point of this investment is that it must improve the user experience when you go through the 4 steps again. If, for example, the client contributes part of their data, an application can then recommend more specific content, making the trigger even stronger.



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