Our purpose is to transform companies into the most effective version of themselves

Befective was created to solve a focus and productivity problem within the development team of Marcap, a company builder with some startups and offices in Mexico and Brazil.

When the team realized that they spent a lot of time focusing on activities that had nothing to do with their work, they developed a product to manage their time and effectiveness.

Befective managed to increase productivity and eventually the product became Marcap’s first startup, with a very ambitious purpose: Transforming companies into the most effective version of themselves.

We work to generate an impact on society

Statistical data show that ineffectiveness is not an isolated case; In fact, most countries in the world suffer from low competitiveness and productivity, largely due to low labor efficiency.

Befective is part of the technological revolution that works to make countries much more competitive.

Some of the things we’ve been able to help with are:

· Focusing on activities that really generate value to the companies;

· Decreasing unproductive time, which only generates long deadlines and extended office hours;

· Providing an automated technological solution to perform remote work with the peace of mind that everything important will get done.

· Generating awareness of the importance of focusing time correctly.

· Improving people’s life quality, once they start employing their working hours productively, they have more time to enjoy their friends, family and hobbies.

Befective’s DNA

Befective is part of Marcap and we share the same values in all our activities.

1. We materialize our initiatives and ideas

2. We stubbornly pursue our goals

3. We assume the risks of our actions

4. We accept and celebrate mistakes, but never omissions

5. We share our knowledge

6. We demand feedbacks to improve

7. We are here for sincere passion

Do you want to be part of Befective?

We want to add talents to impact positively on society. If you think you can contribute to our cause, apply for one of our vacancies.