A new Status Quo of Work Evaluation and Satisfaction

To rest, play and work,
whenever you want, wherever you are,
while achieving the best results.
Our Story

Founded in 2015 and based in Mexico City, Befective is formed by a multinational team. The main purpose of our work is to provide companies and teammates a web platform that allows them to work in their own terms and maximize their outcomes.

We believe it’s possible to generate a well balanced workspace (even a digital one) where everyone can get valuable data of the activites performed in the company to understand work dynamics and happiness patterns to improve them as a team.

The whole journey began after analyzing some shocking statistical facts about:
· Labour Efficiency
· Work Engagement and
· Life Quality of Mexico and Brazil, where most of our teammates are from.

It turns out that both countries have a very poor performance in these aspects; so we focused on developing a technological solution to help companies enhance their hability to work more productively, generate a stronger bonding between management and operation levels as well as taking care of the state of mind of all teammates in the enterprise.

Befective is now being employed by several companies and helping them to implement remote working policies with total certainty that their teammates are not only happier about it, but also more productive and with a workload ballance that allows companies to distribute their resources in a better way.