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· is a business app that tells you how time is invested in your company
· provides insights to let you improve efficiency, from the roots

Life QualityEnhancerEfficiencyBooster

Make the most out of your time and activities

Befective gathers usage information automatically. Data dashboards display relevant data. From months of your whole company up to seconds of one person.

Perfect fit for small and giant companies

No matter the complexity of your company, Befective will mimic the exact structure of your organization

Cloud Services

Better work-loads for better results

Take advantage of your company’s data and improve personal and groupal productivity creating better balanced work-loads.

From anywhere in the world, at any time

Allow your teams to decide when and where they want to work. This will improve efficiency and life quality while reducing operating costs. Befective will help you to analyze your company’s performance to define the right work model for all your teammates.

Engage with the human side of your business

Obtain insights of your teams' mood and take care of them,
when they are happy, your business is happy

Start now saving time and
reducing operating costs

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